Karen Goes East: Adventures with IBM's CSC Program

Personal Goal: Improve Photography Skills

I expect that I will achieve many personal and professional goals through the CSC program.  Expanding my global network, growing an appreciation for other cultures, and making a difference in an emerging country are only just a few to mention.  One personal goal that I have had for awhile (not directly related to CSC, but still relevant) is to improve my photography skills.

I’ve always enjoyed taking photos.  I’m always the one with the point and shoot camera at the birthdays, formal events, weddings, etc.  However, I first came to realize my deficiencies in photography when I traveled to South Africa in 2007.  I was so happy to return to the States with amazing (or so I thought) shots of giraffes, warthogs, and wildebeest.  I got some of my best photos developed and blown up and found that they really only looked nice at small resolutions on facebook.


In preparation of my first trip to Asia, I’m hoping to not only document activities for friends, family, and colleagues, but I hope to capture cultural and landscape shots that I can proudly hang on the wall.  I recently bought a new snazzy mirrorless camera - definitely an upgrade from my old cannon point and shoot!  And my lovely boyfriend bought me an intro course at Washington School of Photography.

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