Karen Goes East: Adventures with IBM's CSC Program

Vaccinations, Prescriptions, Oh My!

The fun and ever frustrating vaccination process started for me a few months ago when I began my search for my immunization files.  I was pretty sure I had all the recommended vaccinations as a child, but never provided my pediatrician files to my current doctor.  I also knew I got the yellow fever vaccination for a trip to Brazil from a travel clinic somewhere in Boston, but wasn’t sure what other vaccinations and, more devastatingly, couldn’t have told you the name of the clinic if my life depended on it! 

With the help of my family back in Massachusetts, I was able to finally track down the location of the documents and eventually get them in my possession.  Then there were multiple attempts to get these vaccinations in my files - my experiences with my healthcare provider, a mid-Atlantic HMO, could be a whole separate blog, but I won’t even go there.   

After many phone calls and an appointment with a travel nurse, it was determined that my Tetanus and Typhoid were outdated and I needed Hep A because I never got the second dosage back in ’06.  Luckily, all three were covered under my normal insurance (I know this isn’t always the case). 

So this morning I got the Tetanus and Typhoid shot in my right shoulder and Hep A in my left shoulder.  The nurse told me that the Tetanus shot makes your arm sore and they purposely put it in the arm that you expect to move around the most because this makes it hurt less.  I wonder what it would fill like in my left arm because it actually was bothering me all day!

Lastly, I got three months prescription of my daily “medication” and a prescription for an antibiotic in case of travelers’ diarrhea.  Surprisingly, they didn’t give me malaria pills, which I had heard other Americans were prescribed, but I’m not a fan of them anyways.  I added high concentrated deet to the shopping list and will also buy some once I get there as I hear bug spray works best when bought in country.

Relieved to have checked this off my To Do list!  #ibmcsc Indonesia