Karen Goes East: Adventures with IBM's CSC Program

Look What I Have!

Isn’t it pretty? I’m so relieved to finally have it in my possession, but I should tell the story from the beginning…

My application was rejected the first go around because I had IBM book my flight back to the States out of Hong Kong and the Embassy wanted to see a flight departing Indonesia.  Since I wasn’t sure my exact plans I booked a cheap flight from Indonesia to Singapore and re-applied.

Four business days later I was so excited to go pick up my visa! I was showing it off to everyone in the office when I realized it said 30-day!  This was problematic since I planned on being in Indonesia for 33 days!  I called the Embassy and they said I would have to come back in.

I guess its important to mention I live 15 minutes away from the Embassy so while it may be inconvenient, it was manageable.  Although the limited visa office hours made things tricky!

So back I go, apparently just to hear in person that they are not willing to make any changes and I would have to have IBM Indonesia take it up with Immigration.  Yikes! 

However, after emails and suggestions and advice from many, I finally got a hold of someone at the Embassy who admitted they could cancel the original visa and issue a new 60-day one.

So 6 trips to the Embassy, 4 passport photos, and $90 later, viola! I have my 60-day visa! Yay!

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